By entering Bloom, you’re agreeing to the Devpost terms ( and the Official Rules listed below. 

 1. Participants must register on the Google form to be eligible as a participant.

 2. Participants must fit their project in one of the following categories:


-Work and Productivity

-Health and Medicine


 3. Participants can be in teams of 1-4. All projects must be created during the time frame of the Bloom Hackathon. Projects must be submitted before July 25, 2020, @5 PM PST (California time). NO EXCEPTIONS!

4. Participants must start their projects NO EARLIER THAN July 22,2020 to ensure that everyone starts off on a level playing field. You are allowed to have an idea before, but projects that are started before this time will be disqualified from the competition.

5. Bloom is meant to foster a comfortable and welcoming environment. We do not tolerate harassment and sexual language/imagery. We are open to all types of girls regardless of one’s nationality, gender, appearance, views, or religion.

6. Submission must either be in English or include an English translation.

7. Participants may not submit multiple projects.

8. Be respectful of all other participants and follow the code of conduct.